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. >> the institute says the 2014 subaru was the only one that got a rating of good. the outlander sport had acceptable and the other 11 tested had poor ratings in at least one of the categories. check it out on the insurance institute of highway safety. >> pretty interesting to watch. that shows you how crazy that sfeed and impact can devastate a car. >> slow down before you head out the door. be alert as well. we want to check the morning commute. >>> just because it is early and not packed roadways, doesn't mean you don't have to exercise the same safety. we are looking to the bay bridge where we had up until a minute and a half ago, a lot of flashing lights. it has cleared approaching the toll plaza. allow the crews to clear the other side. by 5:00, it should be completely clear on the lanes at the toll plaza. you see the clouds in the distance. touching the buildings, misty conditions in many spots. not a problem for the bay bridge. we are tracking that also. a disabled big rig as you are getting on the freeway at treasure child. the green shows you where there may be wet roadways. >>>
known as crossovers fareed poorly in a crash test. only the subaru forester was the only one of the vehicles tested to receive a good rating on a front-end crash test. natalie, back to you. >> mary thompson at the new york stock exchange, thank you. >>> well, two incredible videos caught on tape. first in philadelphia on wednesday afternoon. a stroller carrying a 14-month-old girl rolled away from the child's mother, tumbling five feet onto the elevated train tracks. the girl remained inside the toppled stroller, strapped in. her mother, as you see, jumped on to the tracks and staff halted an approaching train at a nearby station. the girl was treated at a local hospital and no charges are expected to be filed against that distracted mother. still very scary there. >>> and in rural pennsylvania, a bus driver got the shock of his life when a deer came flying through his windshield. the stunned animal scrambled around trying to leap back out the way it came. marching around on the seats. the driver kept his cool, immediately stopped the bus and opened the door letting that poor
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2